In order to fully convince you of the advantages of our coating process, we offer sampling. Before this comes, our technicians check whether the parts are drum-compatible and whether the surface requirements you have set can be met. Our goal is to provide you with a result that reflects the quality of serial production and meets your requirements in the most perfect way.


1. Checklist

Please fill out the sample checklist (questions about part, quantity, requirements, etc.) and send it back to us, at best together with a blank or drawings.

2. Examination at SC

Our technicians will check if the parts you have sent are suitable for our process.
Above all, the material, the weight and the geometry of the components play a major role.

3. Fine-tuning

If your parts are suitable for a coating in the SC-Coater®, we will again agree exactly with you which coating system should be used and which requirements you place on the surface.

4. Preparation of recommended price offer

After clarification of all requirements, we calculate a target price per part so that you can decide whether a contract coating is economically interesting for you. You will then receive an offer for sampling for this recommended price offer.

5. Shipping parts

As soon as you have decided on a sampling, we need at least 7-10 liters of raw material for this.

6. Sampling

We coat the parts according to your requirements and send them back to you. After the sampling, you can submit the coated parts to your tests and tests. If your results are OK, the transition to series production can start directly.

If you are not satisfied with the sampling result, we adapt different parameters and start with a new sampling.