The SC-Coater® is suitable for functional coating with adhesion promoters for vulcanised metal-rubber and plastic-rubber compounds, especially for the automotive industry. All common coating materials can be processed here.

Basically, in the vulcanization process, rubber is bonded to metal or plastic using various adhesion promoters.

In the SC-Coater®, the parts to be coated are coated with a liquid primer in one or two cycles (cover or primer + cover). Subsequently, the coated components are placed in a mold or mold in which heated rubber is injected. The heat (120-160 ° C) activates the bonding agent and bonds firmly to the rubber during cooling. Emerging acids are firmly bound in the rubber by the primer in this process.

This process is used in products such as rubber rollers, reinforced seals, chassis parts, engine mounts, joint discs for automotive and similar products for the electronics, medical and aircraft industries.


  • sleeves
  • rings
  • Support rings

Material of substrate

  • cast aluminium
  • steel
  • plastics

Coating system

We will be pleased to advise you on any question about primers and covers.

End products

  • wishbones
  • hardy discs
  • shock absorbers