Economical small parts coating from the drum

The SC-Coater® is a computer-controlled coating system for mass-produced small parts. The coating system is applied with one or two automatic spray guns. The SC-Coater® enables the most effective and economical spray application of coating materials, such as primers and lubricants, to small parts. Innovative and sensational in this process is the fast and cost-effective infrared drying process. A wide range of coating materials can be appliedwithout labor-intensive positioning of the parts to small parts made of a variety of materials f.e. metals, plastics and elastomers.

For most small parts, this type of coating is the only economically meaningful way. It just comes to the 3% overspray in this process. Due to the thin-film application, surface thicknesses of 5 μm (5/1000 mm) can be achieved.

The coating takes place in a closed paint chamber, so that no harmful vapors can escape. With the help of the built-in computer control you can comfortably and flexibly monitor and change the coating parameters.


Mass small part coating –
economical and environmentally friendly

In the conventional coating of small mass parts usually high costs arise because on the one hand the parts must be positioned individually, on the other hand a large amount of the coating system is sprayed on the particles “over”.

In order to reduce these costs, Special Coatings Systems GmbH offers the SC-Coater®, a process that enables mass-produced small parts to be economically and environmentally friendly coated as bulk material.

The video describes this procedure in more detail.