The SC-Coater® is a computer-controlled drum coating system for mass-produced small parts. The material to be coated is processed as bulk material. The application is carried out by means of one or two automatic spray guns. Depending on the application, the process achieves closed surfaces already at a layer thickness of 5 μm (5/1000 mm).

The SC-Coater® enables the most effective and economical coating of paints, adhesives and lubricants on small parts. Particularly noteworthy is the fast and cost-saving infrared drying process, which enjoys patent protection. The special coating drum coating process allows a wide range of coating materials to be applied to mass small parts made from a wide variety of materials. Parts made of metals, elastomers and plastics can be coated in the SC-Coater® without labor-intensive positioning of the parts.


  1. Filling of the lacquer container
  2. Filling parts to be coated into drum in bulk
  3. Start of coating program
  4. Warmig up of the parts by IR-beam continuously and automatic coating simultaneously
  5. Post-drying of lacquer and emptying of drum


Dimensions: approx. 2,5 x 2,0 x 2,4 m
Weight: about 1500 kg
Power connection: 32 A Cekon socket with 3-phase AC, 400 V and 50 Hz
Power consumption: approx. 8 kW
Heater radiation output: 4,5 kW, sensor-regulated
Connection: Compressed air connection
Minimum pressure: 6 bar (max. 10 bar)
Air volume: approx. 60 m3/h (120 m3/h with two spray guns)
Exhaust air volume: max.900 m3/h
Solvent entry: max. 3.600 g/h
Drum volume: 60 up to 80 liters of substrate (depending on part)
Filling weight: max. 180 kg
Approvals:  CE-Mark


Control / Process Safety
With the help of the built-in control all parameters can be comfortably and flexibly monitored, changed and stored. All recipes and settings are archived. This ensures maximum process reliability and reproducible coating quality for series production.

Spray system
The spray system may consist of one or, if necessary, two automatic spray guns. All relevant influencing variables, such as spray jet shape, material pressure, spray rate, etc., can be set by the control. Due to the defined, fine spray steel and the immediate curing of the coating material an impressive homogeneity and an excellent degree of coverage of the surface is achieved.

Thanks to the integrated and patented infrared drying, the coating systems cure and cure only on the preheated parts and not already in the hot atmosphere. This has the advantage that high-quality surfaces are achieved with low material usage. In terms of process technology, “spider web formation” during coating with adhesion promoters is low. This reduces the cleaning effort of the drum to a minimum.

The SC-Coater® requires significantly less coating material (primer and cover) than other coating methods. The overspray is just about 3%.

The swiveling, cylindrical stainless-steel drum ensures, in addition to the broad drainage and the low bulk depth of the substrate, less surface damage in the case of angular parts. In addition, the coating drum is resistant to coating materials and cleaning agents.

Exhaust air / Safety
The SC-Coater® has a discharge capacity of up to 900 m3 / h. When using the optional closed filling system including the larger exhaust fans, no Ex zone marking is required.

Lacquer cabinet
Pressure vessel and gear pump are housed in the associated paint cabinet. This is connected to the exhaust air system of the SC-Coaters® and thus ensures the lowest possible odor nuisance and highest safety.

Intelligent safety and monitoring functions prevent danger to the operator. The system has a closed paint chamber, in which a slight negative pressure prevails, thereby preventing an uncontrolled escape of vapors. An optionally available, closed filling system for the coating material (primer and cover) prevents harmful emissions, e.g. of toluene and xylene.

Through the exhaust fan creates a constant negative pressure in the drum housing. Pocket filters ensure the environmentally friendly filtering of harmful solids / dusts.

Production quality and process reliability
The SC-Coater® is completely manufactured in Germany. Only branded components with best references are used. This guarantees the best possible worldwide spare parts supply.

The SC-Coater® is designed so that it can be upgraded to a fully automatic loading and unloading system.

The SC-Coater® is equipped with an automatic cleaning program. This cleans the entire material cycle or the spray system within 5 minutes. Only the easily accessible drum needs to be cleaned by hand shortly after this process (3-5 minutes). This makes it possible to change to another coating system within 10 minutes.

Low personnel costs
The coating process is fully automatic. A complex part positioning is eliminated because the material is processed as bulk material. This eliminates the manual hanging or attaching the parts to be coated on – also costly – racks completely.

All system components are designed for process safety and longevity. The required maintenance work can be carried out by itself or as part of a maintenance contract.