In addition to machine sales, we also offer contract coating as a service. For this, however, we must first check whether your parts are basically suitable for coating in the drum. Accordingly, we basically carry out sampling. An optimal coating result depends i.d.R. of several factors, e.g. part size, material, surface finish, part geometry and weight.

In the following document “Coating Sampling Checklist“, these and other points are queried. Please send us this completed questionnaire together with the raw part. Once we have this data in full, we will contact you.


  1. Delivery of blanks (customer)
  2. Suitability test for drum coating (SC)
  3. Match the request e.g. Resistances or similar (Customer + SC)
  4. Creation of a sampling offer incl. Target price per part (SC)
  5. Delivery of blanks approx. 7-10 volume liters
  6. Sampling of mass small parts (SC)

After the sampling, you will receive back your coated parts and can carry out all your tests on them. If the results are satisfactory, the transition to series production can start directly. If you are not satisfied with the sampling result, we try again to fully meet your requirements and adapt various parameters and coating material and start with a new sampling.